Stainless Steel Welding With Kenya Boats

Art Design Fabrication 4U Welders the company to work with.


If you are looking for a design company without limits, understanding your artistic needs with multiple skills in all levels of fabrication. Using the most up to date materials, fibreglass, aluminium, stainless steel, wood and plastics we are able to make your design idea or concept come true.

4U Welders is primarily a high end specialised welding company, we have specialised in the high end skills of welding all levels of aluminium and stainless steel, turning TIG and MIG welding into an art form.

Our top quality welding stems from hours of training from our German trainer who has many years experience in the field and trained under a German oil grade pipeline welder himself.

We have then found that to create the perfect design and make this a reality we need to open our minds and accept we need to include any other material on the planet that allows us to create what you are dreaming of. We have artists on hand who can draw and show your design off in the best light we then can build this design to your specific requirements using our workshops in Mtwapa where we utilise as many materials as is required. 4U Welders combined with our fibreglass department and specialised wood workers and carvers all work together to create the perfect item.

The combination of skills all under one roof gives you as the customer the freedom to come up with a brave and bold design, allowing us to create it for you.


Marine Grade Stainless Steel Welding

Using the best imported grade 316 seamless stainless steel pipes. Kenya Boats can manufacture perfect bow rails for any boat. We have bending equipment for any style or angle of bend required. We can fit the design to your boat,hand rail, indoor design stairwell or any other project you may come up with. Although we are called Kenya Boats we are happy working on any project on land or sea.


At Kenya Boats we are happy to sit with you and design you house, garden, bespoke Dhow or high speed boat trailer so you will get exactly what you need at a price you are happy with. We specialise in bespoke designer high quality furniture, design features, garden features and all marine based products. We combine the finest wood, with high end metals to manufacture for you lasting functional beauty for any type of one off product.

From Canopy’s to keep the sun off to fully styled stainless steel art work polished to a mirror finish we are the company you are looking for. Top quality at fantastic prices.


For More Information contact Sales email: Tel:+254 (0)711 239213/734 401884