23ft Leisure Boat Cruises Mtwapa Creek and Sand Bar

23Ft Speed Boat Trips on the Creek

Kenya Boats runs a 23ft leisure speed boat for wonderful trips along the Mtwapa Creek this boat can
take up to 12 people on a comfortable ride out to the entrance to the Indian Ocean and then back at a
leisurely pace along the creek for a fantastic journey of up to 6 kilometres along the beautiful
mangrove lined creek.

The trip is a lovely afternoon out we encourage you to take your own snacks and drinks which can be
purchased before you leave from one of the local restaurants or alternatively we can supply you with
snacks and drinks of your choice.

We can also arrange for a fishing rod to use while you sip your drinks you never know you may get a bite
then you can take it home for dinner!!!

Nautical Quotes

Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Give him a fishing lesson and he'll sit in a boat drinking beer every weekend.!!!

- Alex Blackwell

This trip can be taken at any time during the day it is booked on an hourly basis the price is 45 Euros or
5000/= per hour with a maximum group size of 12 people this works out very cheap for such a
wonderful afternoon. The normal trip is between one and three hours depending on your personal

Sand Bar Trip

One of the most favourite and popular trips is the Sand Bar trip, we normally leave at around 9.30 in the
morning and travel out to your own personal sand bar. This trip is so special it can only be taken at
certain times of the month when the tide is running at its spring levels as the sand bar is normally part of
the bottom of the ocean so the sand is virginal.

We take you along a special path through the islands and shallow water avoiding the rocks and corals so
we can reach this special place. Once you arrive the water is crystal clear in a beautiful lagoon of perfectly calm water situated right next to the waves from the ocean. It is truly beautiful to see and you will remember it for ever as a
wonderful place to visit.

You can snorkel in the shallows and see the fish moving in and out of the corals you can search the rock
pools to see star fish, sand dollars, octopus, and many small fish living in the pools waiting for the tide to
return. After about 2 hours of sitting on the wonderful peaceful sandy beach enjoying your drinks and snacks
the tide will return to take back the sand to the bottom of the ocean.

We wait for the water to take the island then jump on the boat and head back towards the marina. We normally reach the marina at
around 1 pm where you can disembark after having a wonderful journey that you will never forget.

The trip prices are set for the boat at 15,000/= the snacks are on top we can supply you with whatever
you request at an extra cost or you can simply bring your own. This trip is for a maximum of 10 people
or twelve if you bring the kids.

We look forward to seeing you very soon out on the sand bar!!!!!!


For More Information contact Sales email: info@kenyaboats.com Tel:+254 (0)711 239213/734 401884