Kenya Boats Bringing The New 2013 Range from Solas Marine.

Kenya Boats the East African Dealer for Solas Marine.

Kenya Boats is now proud to offer the Solas Marine range of boats in Kenya.

These specially designed high quality boats produced in Dubai are now on offer through our offices in Mtwapa just North of Mombasa at our marina. These boats are built to the highest standard in a state of art workshop based in Dubai. They come with all of the luxury and quality you can expect from such a company. These boats are designed and built to the highest standards, and priced for the competitive market of Kenya.

Kenya Boats as joined forces with Solas Marine of Dubai to bring a collection of high quality brand new boats to the Kenyan Market.
At Kenya Boats we are passionate about getting people on the water and having fun with this incredibly valuable resource we call the Indian Ocean.  We are constantly trying to find new and innovative ways of introducing Kenyans to the life on the water.  We are sure once we get some people involved then the sky is the limit and every Kenyan will want to own a boat.
We have so many bodies of water in Kenya that are underutilized not only for the tourist trade but also for the locals to enjoy.

There is nothing like a day on the water with your family or friends enjoying fishing, water sports, a picnic.

To this end we have invited Solas Marine to bring their line of high quality brand new boats at affordable prices for the luxury they have.
Combined with a choice of fuel economy engines we believe we can offer a fantastic deal on a luxury, high quality boat with a design and size to suit all.

These boats come in a variety of styles some mono hull some are catamarans they come with an extensive list of add-ons which can be ordered either at the time of purchase or at a later date and we can fit them.

All boats come with standard fittings of bilge pumps, navigation lights, basic wiring, steering. All metal is marine grade stainless steel and the hulls are fully foam filled so the boat is registered as unsinkable.
Altogether these boats are built to last and will be a great asset to any company as a trip on a boat is the way to close that deal and impress that customer.

The 19ft Sea Cat






For More Information contact Sales email: Tel:+254 (0)711 239213/734 401884