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Kenya Boats SACCO .

SACCO stands for Savings and Credit Co-Operative which is where as a company you can help to develop the local community around you, we have many CSR (Corporate and Social Responsibility) projects going on at any one time because at Kenya Boats we believe if we help to develop the local communities around us it will in turn help to develop our own company.

CSR is a responsibility for all growing companies in Kenya and should be looked on as a must rather than a maybe, the management at Kenya Boats have found through our own research that to help develop your local community in turn gives major benefits to a growing company. We have done several fishing projects and a fibreglass project using CSR as our main basis for these projects. In opening up to the community we have found our security is much better, people from the community rather than wanting us to fail actually step in and help us to succeed. We also employ directly from our local area so our trainees can see how the community can develop and benefit from us being there.

Our major success in CSR development has been the SACCO, this was a joint project with Danida, The Danish Aid Agency, allowing us to open a small SACCO using our offices, staff, computers and time to help to build the SACCO into a fully fledged lending facility on a small scale.

We now lend to all of our members for repairs on houses, school fees, medical fees, development of their own businesses to name but a few. This commitment to the community has allowed the community to develop of its own accord and introduced it to banking and saving rather than living on a day to day basis.

There are regular meeting in the Company grounds on Saturday afternoons to discuss financial prudence, planning and growth for the individual members of the groups. We even have visits from the head of the SACCO in Kilifi to ensure all books are in order and the SACCO is growing as it should.

The SACCO is totally independent of Kenya Boats an entity on its own functioning under its own management and rules and regulations. However, it still helps Kenya Boats as a company as the staff are more in-dependant financially. They are able to deal with their own financial situations without involving the company which we believe makes them much prouder and independent.

As a whole the SACCO is a great success and we wish them all the best in the future.

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