Procurement Consultancy Services


The dictionary states that Procurement is:

“Procurement” is the overarching function that describes the activities and processes to acquire goods and services. Importantly, and distinct from “purchasing”, procurement involves the activities involved in establishing fundamental requirements, sourcing activities such as market research and vendor evaluation and negotiation of contracts.

At Kenya Boats we offer services to procurement officers throughout East Africa.  Our ethos is to make your complex and difficult job easier than it currently is.  We come to the work place with empathy for your position. 

As a procurement officer you are expected to be an expert on everything from sewing machines to speed boats, plus contracts, suppliers and importers etc.

This makes your task very difficult indeed, in this day and age just keeping up with the changes is hard enough let alone the vast array of different choices and qualities you can find in the market place today.


Kenya Boats Procurement Services Consultancy offers a way out of at least some of these challenges. We are specialist in sourcing products in the world, our extensive experience searching the world for varied items has led us to having a vast data base of potential suppliers for just about anything you can think of.  We have worked for many years now developing relationships world-wide with companies supplying every conceivable item you can think of then bringing it into Kenya. We understand your needs as a procurement officer in a company you are required on demand to supply so many different items to your growing business then get it to where it should be.
We can offer you a one stop solution to this issue by taking the majority of the purchasing, ordering and delivery away from you directly and onto our shoulders.

As a company we can offer you a seem-less solution to a thorny problem by enabling you to secure the items or contractors etc. you are looking for we can then oversee the delivery or the contract to finality.

We can deliver anywhere in Sub Saharan East Africa with large or small freight parcels from a small 10 kg item to large boats, transformers, cranes etc.

With us no parcel is too small or too large for us to handle with our expertise in working in logistics and our team of professionals we can take your challenge and turn it into an opportunity where everyone gets exactly what they require on time and in place.
If you are a procurement officer faced with many challenges every day you can pass some of the stress onto us to allow you to concentrate on the more serious stuff.


As a procurement officer you will be called upon to find and vet suppliers, We are here to help also if you need sensible suppliers to fulfill contracts from engineering to supply of specialized goods we are on hand to help you with these arduous tasks. Call us in early and we can take your headaches away with our proven tried and tested methods of delivery and supply through our professional offices we can offer you a solution to the most difficult tasks on hand including supply and delivery to anywhere in Sub Saharan East Africa.

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