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Jatrophia Oil Press Project

4U Welders is a locally based company based in Kilifi District close to Malindi.  The company has close links with Danida, World Food Program and several other aid agencies and NGO’s.

Currently 4U Welders is working under the umbrella of Kenya Boats in a training workshop environment, training young girls from the Mtwapa area welding from basic arc welding to high end TIG and MIG welding for aluminum and stainless steel.  This industry is currently growing with the expansion of the oil and gas industry in the country we intend to teach over one hundred students per year to be able to weld to a suitable level.

We also work closely with the fisheries department and gender ministry to help the local communities develop self-sustaining projects to enable them to live in a better way or to create an income for them and their families.

We closely liased with World Food Program during our involvement with a successful project, where we designed a simple oil press for Kwale District Jatropha Seed initiative. During this program we were involved in the basic design of a functioning oil press made from locally available materials.  We then followed through with a full training program for the local Fundi’s (Artisanal Work Men) training in basic welding.  The Fundi’s left the project with the knowledge and understanding to build a basic press and repair or service older ones.

Our specialty is to design and build a suitable units for the exact environment it is meant to be used in.  Taking into account environmental issues, social cultures and all other relevant issues related to helping a community absorb the technology, using it in the correct way for them to ensure a livelihood or betterment of their lives and environment without eroding cultural ways of life.

The: H.E.I.N.O
High Efficient Impact Natural Oil Press

Our Task was to build a locally repairable three legged oil press for the community of Kwale, they have an ample supply of the Jatrophia plants growing as hedges around their Shamba's we had to find a way to use this oil for the local population in as effeicent and useful way as possible.

We managed this by designing and building a small brickett press that was able to create bricketts for burning instead of using Charcoal so retaining the local forests, the by product was the Jatrophia oil which is used to light simple oil lamps for the evening.

The project was a success we passed on all of the design and manufacturing skills to the local community in a five day seminar so now the local fundis can work with the community creating this much needed rescource.

For more information on projects such as this please contact us, as design and manufacture specialists we are able to assist in any development project you may have. We have may years expereince working in Africa especailly the coast of Kenya so are able to montior and bring your development project to a sustainable and fruitful end.

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