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Lowrance Radar 3g and now 4g.

Lowrance Radar is a bit of a luxury for the average boater as it is used mainly at night or during bad conditions. However, once you have it you can't live without it. If you enjoy the peace of mind of travelling at night through the Kenyan entrances then you will really appreciate the radar options from Lowrance. Our entrances are not the best lit in the world and sometimes you are completely in the dark looking for the way in. With the chart-plotter you can see your position and how to approach but you cant see what is in the water and the other vessels in the vicinity, this is where the radar can really give you peace of mind. Radar is a luxury but once used will become a requirement on any boat you command.

Broadband 4G™ Radar

Broadband 4G™ Radar

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Broadband 3G™ Radar

Broadband 3G™ Radar

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Lowrance 3g and 4g Radar Systems

Lowrance HDS® combines with revolutionary Broadband Radar™ technology for the ultimate navigation system.

Utilizing frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) technology and advanced digital signal processing, Broadband Radar™ offers benefits that no other can match. Features include unrivalled short-range target discrimination, which provides crystal clear images and solid-state technology, which eliminates main bang.


Lowrance offers two Broadband Radar™ choices; the outstanding Broadband 3G™ Radar and the brand-new, truly exceptional Broadband 4G™ Radar.

Broadband 3G™ Radar or Broadband 4G™ Radar?


 Enjoy a new, higher standard of situational awareness with Beam Sharpening and 50% more range than Broadband 3G™ Radar.

See more targets where it matters most with 100% clarity and enjoy the benefits of zero radiation hazard

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