Kristal Electric Deep Drop Fishing Reels with Kenya Boats

Kenya Boats is now the East African Dealer for Kristal Fishing Products.

Kenya Boats is working with one of the most famous European manufacturers of Deep Drop Electric Fishing Reels.

Introductory offer on XL 90 electric reels of 98,750/= plus vat only a limited supply available at this cost.

Deep Drop Fishing

This phenomenon is a growing sport all over the world, to find the untapped larger predatory fish it is essential to go deep.
Current fishing methods make it almost impossible to fish at depths greater than 100 meters as the small diameter reels and the amount of work it takes to pull in the line far out weights the benefits of catching the monsters living in greater depths.
As more data becomes available it is becoming apparent that all we know about the Groupers, Snappers and Ruby Snappers is wrong. Most respected research programs said these fish lived in depths to about 100 to 150 meters. This is wrong, snappers on the coast of Kenya can be found on rocky patches and ledges at well over 300 meters. These fish are the mature adults as this species migrate as they get older. The Rubies were thought to live in depths up to 300 meters this is also wrong as we have caught them in 500 meters plus.

Watch the Video and see how easy this is a great day out for all the family

To you as a Kenyan fisherman this means one thing, there are plenty of fish to catch in waters that have literally never been fished!! The average fisherman cannot get beyond 100 meters, we can put you to 800 meters with no effort at all.

These reels are simplicity themselves they work off an ancillary 12 volt battery located on your boat or off the engine battery. One battery charged easily lasts the whole day of fun fishing.

All you have to do is find the spot, either anchor, using our specialist deep water anchor system, or keep the engine running then start the deep drop fishing holding yourself in the current going as slowly as possible.

With the special braided 200llb breaking strain lines and the deep drop fishing lights you can send down a rig of six or eight hooks all baited with squid or octopus then sit and wait. Usually within minutes you will see the rod jerking at the end, yes with the braided line even at 600 meters you can see a fish bite!!

Once you are sure the fish are on, and the end is jerking continuously you flick the switch and up comes your catch. It is as easy as that!!

If you are anchored you just drop again, if not then you trawl back to your starting place, using your Lowrance GPS for exact positioning of your favorite spot.

From our research of the Kenyan Coast we can see that there are small rocky outcrops all along the coast from Wasini to Lamu this is where the fish live, so from any point along the coast it is possible to catch these species of fish using the deep drop electric reel equipment.

As an introductory offer we have brought in six XL 90 top of the range deep drop reels, with full spools of 200llb 1000 yards of line. We can also make the best rigs for the deep drop reels using the patented circle hooks so once your fish is on, it isn’t coming off!!
Down Rigger Feature.

Another fantastic feature of this reel is you can use it as an electric down rigger when you are trawling, just take the current jog off and run the 200llb braid through the rigger ring on the end of the rod and you have an excellent down rigger with can be pulled back with the motor in seconds, using the depth gauge fitted to all rods you can see the depth of the down rigger immediately. Using the braid instead of mono filament or wire gives much less drag in the water placing the down rigger much deeper using less line.


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