Kenya Boats --Unique Garden Rock Lights

Team DANIDA set new bench mark for Eco – lighting solutions

The Team Danida would like to pass on their thanks to Mr Andrew Stuart of Orion Hotels who was instrumental in the conception and assisted in the design and creation of the Fibre Garden Rock Lights.

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Brand New for 2013 Garden Security Rock Lights

Fibre Glass Rock Lights, ideal for the garden, safari lodge or security.

Kenya boats has a successful partnership under the DANIDA B2B project which aims at female youth empowerment in the specialized fibre glass industry. The successful endeavour has changed the lives of numerous young women looking to start a stable career with long term goals which will lead to new opportunities and career development.  The Kenya boats composite and design team manufactures various Eco - friendly fibre glass products which are manufactured to strict controlled specifications, and are produced from proprietary tooling ensuring product quality and consistency. The ‘Eco – conscious’ fibre glass products have already proven themselves on the market, now  emerge with a new product targeting Eco –friendly light solutions, where Eco-friendly solutions have become the benchmark of the ever evolving and changing development industry.

Under the guidance of professional engineers the Team has developed a range of diverse Eco lighting solutions comprising of energy saving based lighting products with high performance and low energy consumption.  The lighting products can directly replace older, higher wattage lighting technologies whilst guaranteeing improved performance and extended usage.  The various benefits associated with such lighting solutions include reduced electrical consumption, thus reduced electricity costs, as well as saving money on reduced replacement and maintenance costs. The lighting solutions developed use far less energy to light the same area as the older metal halide and high pressure sodium technologies. The Eco – lighting solutions available are applicable to any climate or environment, whether it be improving the security or personalizing one’s home. Kenya Boats are already working with various local, well known African artists in customizing new and exclusive Eco- lighting designs. Customers may also approach with their own designs, allowing for greater personalization suited to individual taste.

    By: James Tuller

These lights fit into the natural surrounding during the day then can glow at night to make a wonderful effect of natural lighting around any other natural garden bed, water feature or swimming pool.

The lights can also be used as security lights offering a much better ambience for lighting in Hotels, Guest Houses, Safari Lodges, giving a more natural light and feeling to the guests evening.

They are rain resistant and will last for many years as they are made from tough clear fibreglass with special light reflecting rocks on the outside, they are unique to Kenya Boats and were designed and created by the youth so purchasing and using these lights will help also help our youth projects.


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