Scandia 15ft and 19ft Entry Scale Leisure or Fishing Boat

Kenya Boats Fibreglass

At Kenya Boats we have built a strong professional fibreglass team ready to build and create whatever you require from GRP we are the leaders on the coast in design and build of all types of fibreglass items. Fibreglass (GRP) is an incredibly useful material, you can build virtually anything from it. We design and build many different products from our lovely Scandia 15 entry size dingy through to car parts, large flat panels, garden lights, boxes for motorbikes, covers for cars, centre consoles for luxury vehicles plus many other specialised and useful items.

We can easily build a mould for almost anything from fibre glass enabling you to get exactly what you want from the product.  We have built seats for rally cars, lights for safari camps, multi-purpose panels, boats, roofs for cars and many  other products.

We do not restrict ourselves to the marine world when it comes to our fibreglass range we can also combine it with our welding department and our wood department to make sure we create something you really enjoy.

If you need a specialist company to help you design and build something extraordinary then come and talk to us!!!

Flat Sheet

An excellent product with extremely long life fibreglass flat sheet is ideal for most situations from finishing your boat off with a professional clean look to house hold and industrial usage. Flat sheet comes in any colour and thickness we can make the size sheets you want to fit where you want. This material will last for a very long time is totally inert so never rots away or corrodes it has many different finishes from highly polished to non slip through to textured it really is the ideal product for kitchens, roofs, bathrooms, wash areas, partition walls so name but a few.


Our marine fibreglass is second to none in Kenya we have a fully trained and professional work force who have a considerable experience in building, repairing and refurbishing fibreglass boats and equipment.

If you need a refurbishment for a boat then we are the people to call, we have a deep water mooring with a 100 meter walk on jetty allowing the boat to come directly to our workshops.  We can either work on the craft while it is still in the water or beach her directly in front of our workshops.  This allows us to work efficiently on any job large or small from a 40ft leisure ocean cruiser to a row boat, we are here and capable of dealing with your requirements. We also have moorings further along the creek if you have a high masted craft.  We are fully equipped and capable to move to a mooring to undertake any work.  If the job entails removal of a large boat we have a dry dock facility where we can place your craft and undertake any work required.

We are basically the best choice for any boat repairs on the coast of Kenya, if you want the best service at the best price then Kenya Boats is the company to talk to.

Safety Products

At Kenya Boats we partner with many international companies to offer our customers a conduit to get the best quality at a good price. We have a range of fibreglass safety products to suit all sites, from marine or land based oil operations through to factory floor and large industrial or Port applications.

Kenya Boats can offer boxes and cabinets rated to international standards for all Health and Safety issues.

With our specialised team of fitters we can come to your place of work with all the required equipment and fit directly as required.

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