Scandia 15ft and 19ft Entry Scale Leisure or Fishing Boat

Scandia Pleasure/Fishing Boat Perfect for Kenya

Kenya Boats Scandia 15ft and 19ft Range built in Kenya by Kenyans

For trips along the Creek or snorkelling at the marine parks we rent the Scandia 15ft out on an hourly, half day or daily basis, she can sit five comfortably we will provide an experienced captain and all safety equipment to ensure you have a great time!!! For more details please contact us on 0711 239213 or 0734 401884

Or email Sales email: Tel:+254 (0)711 239213/734 401884 for more information

The Kenya Boats workshops in Mtwapa offer a full design and manufacture facility for all fibre glass products.

The Scandia 15 or the Scandia 19 are two flagship entry boats built actually on the premises in Mtwapa.  We have fully trained staff, working with us under the Danida project, these staff have spent time working with us on properly coordinated courses to enable them to become fibreglass boat builders.

She is built in our workshops to suit you as the customer,you can add design features as you progress and watch your boat being built.

The Scandia 15 or the Scandia 19 boats are ideal as a multi-purpose entry level boat for either pleasure or commercial use.

The Scandia 15ft is built in our workshops in Mtwapa, the mould was imported from Denmark where the boat was built. She is a very sea worthy boat capable of taking up to 2 m waves.


80% of the world’s fishing is done in a boat less than 15ft long!!

These craft are ideal for if you would like to get involved in the wonderful creeks and ocean of the Kenyan coast line.  The Scandia’s have a very shallow draft so are perfect for cruising the creek or heading to the beach for some snorkelling or swimming, you can beach her easily or leave her on anchor as she is unsinkable while you swim or have an ice cream.  The Scandia 15 has plenty of room for four or five people and a cooler box etc..  The Scanida can be trailered or moored depending on your desired usage.

Install one of our Lowrance compact fish finders to help you locate all the best fishing areas in the Creeks and ocean.

For Commercial use the Scandia 15 or the Scandia 19 are very seaworthy craft with a good loading capacity of up to 500Kgs. She is ISO approved and considered unsinkable in waves up to two meters.  She is a displacement craft so can be driven with a small cost effective outboard engine.  We advise a four stroke 9.9hp engine using less than 1 litre of fuel per hour.  You also have an option for a diesel inboard for the 19ft model.

Both the Scanida 15 and 19 are complexity made from fibreglass, there is no wood in the construction what so ever.  This means to you that you will never have to cut out sections which have rotted over time.  She is also very strong especially for the commercial user, with a complete fibreglass manufacturing process you will spend more time in the water than in service and repairs.

The Scandia 15/19 or 21 foot has a fantastic weight capacity allowing her to be safe carrying a load of fish back to base. The longer models have a much larger carrying capacity up to 600 kgs plus the crew and equipment. Kenya Boats runs two of the Scandia 15s from our base in Mtwapa we regularly have weekly catches in excess of 800 kgs which easily pays for the investment over a 3 year period. For the longer models we would recommend a 25hp four stroke engine as the hull weights more due to the amount of fibreglass used. These boats are made from fibreglass completely there is no weed or marine ply wood used in the fabrication. This means to you that the boat will never rot, with the added expanded foam for floatation the boat will never sink either!!!



For More Information contact Sales email: Tel:+254 (0)711 239213/734 401884