Aluminium Welding At Kenya Boats..

Aluminium Welding at Kenya Boats

Kenya Boats is one of the only fully qualified welding companies on the coast of Kenya in fact we are specialist in welding Stainless Steel and Aluminium.

Basically the process of TIG welding which is primary used for welding aluminium is using electrical arcs with a non-consumable tungsten electrode to create connections between metals. In order to create clean connections, a shielding gas is used in the area surrounding the workspace. TIG welding is also sometimes referred to as Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW)

At Kenya Boats we specialise in design and fabrication of high quality aluminium one off products that are resilient to the tough and corrosive environments they usually have to work with. When done properly aluminium can be equally as strong as Stainless Steel but giving a much lighter structure. Combined with the easy of manipulation that aluminium has over other metals and its ability to withstand the salty environment of the ocean it is a perfect material for use along the coast line of Kenya.

We make, canopies, ladders, railing, balustrades, fuel tanks, engine parts and many other items in aluminium. We also specialise in repairs of all items made from aluminium.

Although we specialise in Marine Welding we also do many other items for our large customer base, we are able to help any customer who has a design to enable them to see the idea through to the final finished product. One of our many specialities is producing quality items your ideas, as qualified trainers, designers and engineers we are able to come up with best solution for your required item. With our vast experience working in Kenya and East Africa as whole, we are able to work from your designs ensuring the engineering principles are sound and the final product will do exactly what you require of it.

At Kenya Boats we are able to combine the workshops and engineering design departments so allowing us to mix the skill sets and materials you will need to ensure you achieve the desired results for your projects. Whether it be designing a grinding mill for a local community project to grind nuts down to make usable oil to burn in lamps or to repair a crack on a high quality imported aluminium hub for a high class car we are the company for you.

Kenya Boats special combination of skills in many different manufacturing, design and fabrication types allows us to follow a plan through to fruition using all in house departments of the company we can combine Fibreglass, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Wood and plastics to enable you to achieve exactly what you want from your project.


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