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Team Building - Building a Good Team

Team Building Why?

This is a word we hear a lot these days: 'we need some kind of team building activity'. But what does this really mean we have to

question what is a team and what do we want from the team.

We know teams are here to stay especially as Corporates Grow and develop in our region. We understand that a team is a group of people, usually from different backgrounds, tribes and gender.  But we don’t know how to make it work in the environment we have chosen.

When we come to Team Building we really have to ask ourselves why ? and What for? It is like a car why do we buy a car, to look  good , to work hard, to go fast, what is the purpose of the team.  Only then can we decide how to build the team to achieve our Corporate Goals.

On some occasions it can actually mean to build a team I.E. We have new people or transferred people that need to get together to meet in a social atmosphere away from the telephone and emails to just interact.  This is fine and an excellent way to develop a new team.


This is not always the case:

You can have a team functioning perfectly on the social level, with no or few conflicts, happy to continue what they are doing but in actual fact not achieving what the Corporate Heads want of them.

Here it is all about redefining goals, changing perspectives, altering direction towards the Corporate Goal this has to be handled differently than just a new group meeting.

In fact in the above instance there is no team building required as the team functions fluidly already, what we have to achieve is another aspect of the same arena which is team development. This as time passes is becoming increasingly more of what people really need to develop and improve the team.

So what is a team, you could easily think that the word Team has explanation enough, we all understand and see them working on TV all the time. Generally speaking a team is a group of people whose skill sets are collectively aimed at achieving a given goal.
The most common team we see and the most famous is the Football Team every Saturday millions of people sit to watch this team in action.  A football team is a simple and elegant version of a team as there is the coach or boss the players who each have defined roles within the team and then there is a common enemy who needs to be beaten.  It is all so simple, your team has 90 minutes to win or lose thats it.

However, a work team in an office is a different matter, character traits or habits which might get absorbed in a fast action team like football have time to fester in an office.  These character traits or habits have to be dealt with day in and day out.  Not for 90 minutes but for eight hours at a time.  This can be exhausting and stressfull if you are subject to habits that plainly annoy you.
Another major issue is you do not know who exactly the enemy or opposition is! They could be sitting right beside you or in the next office , looking over your shoulder just waiting for an opportunity to pounce.  I am sure we have all felt this feeling in the office of a supposed colleague or team member who seems to have it in for you or wants to make you look bad etc.

The next issue is gossip, complaining, and aggression which leads to a bad atmosphere and lowers productivity. As people are now actively working against the team so consequently the Corporate structure as a whole.

This especially in countries like Kenya is why Team Building is such a hot topic, we have teams now more than ever before, we have to work together more than ever before.  The Corporate Strucutre is here like it or not, so the individual is being removed and the team is here to stay!!

So What to Do?

If you have read this far you know you have a team which is malfunctioning and you also know the payoffs when it is functioning correctly.  To start with it is just a nicer environment if you have a good team functioning well.

How a team helps your Corporate Structure

So what kind of team do you have or want?

There are many types of teams these days our internet has changed the old idea of everyone meeting in the office at 8 then finishing at 5 and going to the local for a beer.  These days are over; many teams never actually meet except in cyber space.

Some teams are made of several elements some meet all the time others occasionally for particular issues.

Some teams only meet occasionally to discuss major stuff the rest is done on email or skype etc. Our offices run a 3D modeling service for advertising agencies in Kenya, our team consists of an engineer here in Kenya, Me and a lady in Mumbai who does the actual computer work for us.  We are a team, we have common goals, we work together every day, however, I have never met the lady in Mumbai nor ever will!!

She however, is still an intregal part of our team, we skype, email and drop box every day, we have shared values and goals, she trusts us to do our part and we trust her to do hers even though she is thousands of miles away.

So to finally get to the meat of the issue, to make a team work and function you need to understand exactly what you want from your team.  You must find suitable, achievable goals  that you can all agree on.  Being a dictator in a team never really works.  More a benign dictator or the old Mzee is what makes it happen.  True democracy never works either so get that out of your head from the start. 


This is a word used a lot but rarely understood.

The word Empathy means to understand how someone else is feeling or thinking. 

To build an effective team this is probably one of your best assets and must be learnt.

Sometimes it's as simple as learning more about the people you work with, and sometimes it's a whole lot more complicated, such as working through entrenched difficulties or defining how a long-distance team communicates.

So what is your team? The better you are at identifying what kind of team you are, the better you'll be able to identify what it needs to work well. Yours doesn't have to be a classic team. This is actually where many people get confused. They have a picture of what a team is supposed to be, but then find themselves part of something that doesn't fit that picture.

Here are a couple of other things teams don't have to be:

It may still be a team; it just may not look like one. Whatever it looks like, however, it still has to be able to function well and achieve its goals.

What do you want your team building event to achieve?

This is where we come in and discuss with you what you want and need

Basically a good team building exercise can be used to do any or all of the above it is important however to ensure you know what you want from the get go!

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