Kenya Boats Development Project. Danida Girl Child Training

Danida B2B Girls Training Project

Kenya Boats has a successful partnership project under DANIDA B2B project. The project has been running since 2010 after successful completion of the pilot project. The DANIDA B2B project is mainly Fibre Glass Training involving the girl child. The pilot phase started with training of a total of 6 trainees and the number has since tripled. The trainees are considered from the age of 16 years and above and coming from needy background. They are trained in fibre glass production and after the training which takes 3 to 6 months they are able to use fibre glass chemicals for the production of any fibre glass items. We also train the girls on repairs of marine ply wood boats that have been built by both fibre glass and marine wood.

Kenya Boats CSR Projects

Kenya Boats believe in the development and vocational training of all Kenyans especially the one where no foal training is offered. As a company we are proud to develop programs where we can bring young people onto the workforce market. We are continually training young people who cannot afford the education they deserve. We believe we fill a small section of the lost market of students who leave school without the qualifications to carry on to trade school or university but have the skills and education that is currently lost in Kenya.

We are also able to develop CSR programs for other companies wishing to develop a close and valuable link with the surrounding community and give something back to Kenya as a whole.

View our video below we were lucky enough to be selected to appear on KTN news as a valuable project for Kenya:

Training sessions consist of both theory and practical session. The theory classes help the trainees to convert measurements and also ensure correct proportion of chemicals used during the process of lamination. The girls are taught how to measure resin mats and also measure contents of chemical resin and hardener used for lamination.

Left the trainees together with their trainer Marek (in the 3rd picture, 3rd position from left)


Safety during practical sessions

The trainees are provided with safety gear during grinding and lamination.

The Finished Boat

The boat is now ready to use, these young have very little formal education and no means to get to a university or trade school in Kenya. This Danida project has trained them to become useful members of society and able to feed there families and hopefully send their kids to school. During this program we trained over 150 young girls in fibreglass techniques. They can then go on to many different jobs in different fields as they can measure, cut, file, design the main trade crafts for most work of this kind.


During the project the trainees were not only working on this boat as a training provider we believe we have to broaden the skill set of our trainees to meet the new and emerging markets across Kenya. One very important aspect of this is being able to work on your own, take responsibility for your actions, develop with the job in hand and make decisions. The future leaders of Kenyan industry are being made it these workshops. When a trainee has finished working under our program they are able to integrate themselves into any workshop environment and are able to cope as they have learnt first hand the process of working on many different jobs during the course as they work in our workshops along our highly trained fundis.

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