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Deep Sea Sports Fishing

Hemingway was one of the first people to enjoy sports fishing in Kenya, he fished mainly from
Watamu in the 1950's he is famous for being one of the pioneers of sports fishing today.

Hemingway quote: "Anyone skilled enough to boat a 1,000 pound marlin should enter
unabashed into the presence of the very elder gods."


Hemingway died in 1961 unfortunately but he left a legacy in Kenya of Sports Fishing, here we

are very lucky as we have what the professional Sports Fishermen call the full menu.

Off the coast of Kenya you can catch a Blue Marlin, Stripy Marlin, Black Marlin, Sailfish and even Sword Fish if you want to go at night.

Not to mention the Yellow Fin Tuna a beautiful fish with a hell of a fight!!

We also have the Dorados and King fish along with many other pelagic fish which can all be caught off our wonderful coast.

We offer fantastic trips anything from four hours to six hours with up to six people. The crews
we use are all very experienced in the art of catching fish and landing fish so even if you are a
complete beginner it is a wonderful day.

Your Trip

We leave early to catch the day, at 7am, the boat cruises out of the entrance into the deep sea.

There is always something going on in the Indian Ocean so keep an eye out for Whale Sharks the largest fish in the ocean, Whales as they pass by in September through to January then there are the turtles coming up for air and the dolphins playing at the bow.

If you are lucky you will see a Sail Fish jumping (Rukkering in Swahili) right out of the water and then landing with a large splash this will mean the hunt is on for the pelagic mammoths the largest predatory fish in the ocean the top of the food chain, even sharks steer clear of these fish!!

Your trip will be truly eventful as you travel around hunting the big catch even if you don't catch a fish which is highly unlikely you will still have a fantastic day out enjoying the ocean breeze and the freedom of being at sea.

We can arrange the trip for you with pick up from your hotel if required and drop off the prices depend on the time of year but usually they are around 300 Euros for a four hour trip this is for the boat so divide by however many people are coming!

For More Information contact Sales email: Tel:+254 (0)711 239213/734 401884