Consultancy and Training at Kenya Boats.

Kenya Boats Consultancy and Training Services


At Kenya Boats we have many years' experience in working in Kenya and indeed East Africa. Over the years we have been involved with many projects from NGOs building equipment to be used in the bush to the East African Safari Rally and then years of experience working with the Fisheries Research Department of Kenya along the coast. Most recently we worked with several seismic companies as they mapped the sea bottom from Tanzania to Kenya.

Kenya Boats is ideally suited to help companies expand their portfolio into East Africa as we have a deep understanding of the issues any new company attempting to break into this vibrant and growing economy faces. We can help companies who wish to become involved in Kenya in many different ways we will offer not just a consultancy service allowing your company to enter this market as peacefully and painlessly as possible.

It is no surprise to us that many European companies come to Kenya and see the vast potential that lies everywhere with the fast moving pace of the society and one of the fasted growing consumer groups in the world, Sub Saharan East Africa is a place any company wishing to grow should be. However, there are many pitfalls before you can have a successful profitable business here in East Africa. Many companies fail and lose money, then the desire to continue, they then pull out leaving a massive market as they seem unable to penetrate the cultural and language issues that prevail in our country.

We at Kenya Boats understand that there are many opportunities to East Africa, however, there are many things any company wanting to come and do business here should know. We help you through this transition we offer full and frank discussions on how to do business and where to do business information and help on all the visa requirements the business requirements and all other essential information you must know to enable you to run a successful businesses here.

We will be on hand to help and assist you over many of the obstacles that would otherwise seem insurmountable. We will guide you into the correct areas where you can develop your company enjoying the benefits of this massive growing market where we find new opportunities every day.

We specialize in mainly marine industries, including fishing and the new boom of the oil industry, including welding and associated industries, we are currently looking for partners who wish to expand into East Africa as painlessly as possible as the market is growing and the opportunities are here for the taking !!

Contact Sales email: Tel:+254 (0)711 239213/734 401884.


Kenya Boats offers a variety of training opportunities for businesses both within and outside Kenya. We are experienced in all types of boat building and repairs specialising in fibreglass products from design of the mould to the final finished products.

We are also accomplished TIG and MIG welders working for the oil and gas industry, aviation industry as well as the marine industry.

We are well accomplished in all stainless steel welding, design and fabrication including pipe bending. We are also able to construct, design and weld in aluminium a more popular choice now as it is lighter and more malleable.

Marine Training

At Kenya Boats we are currently working with Kenya Maritime to become registered under the Kenya Maritime as trainers. Once we have achieved this we will be setting up several marines based courses where you will get a qualification from KMA for operating a boat in Kenya Waters.

Training Offered

We offer in house training to companies wishing to place students with us to learn from our German and local fully qualified welding technicians. We can also offer on-site bespoke training if you would prefer us to come to your premises to conduct the training with your equipment. Training courses last from one day to three months depending on the requirements.

Contact Sales email: Tel:+254 (0)711 239213/734 401884