Aquaponics Commercial and Home Use

Aquaponics for Home and Commercial Use

Aquaponics is a hybrid system integrating hydroponics (having plants suspended in a liqiud which gives them all the nutrients they require) with aquaculture (Breeding fish commercially in pens).

Aquaponics is not a newly invented program it has been used for centuries in different parts of the world.  The Chinese have used it for centuries by putting fish, snails or eels into the rice paddies to eat the larvae and flies and then create through their waste nutrients the rice needs to grow.  The Aztecs are known to have created large pond structures with floating movable islands that grew all manner of vegetables and fruits the ponds contained large shoals of fish, eels and snails.

However, using modern technology we can create Aquaponics structures which are far more efficient and user friendly allowing a modern family or a restaurant to produce high value food in a small enclosed area, even if they are in an area where the soil is barren and water is at a premium. You can grow high value fruits such as strawberries, grapes, kiwi, cherry tomatoes and many others in a closed safe loop. Or provide fruits and vegetables to the local market it is ideal for chillies, high value salads such as rocket, spinach etc. Added to this are the fish if you use fast growing fish such as Tilapia then you can provide these for your family or customers as live fish to eat you can't get fresher!!!

"Imagine in your restaurant you have this on display growing, chillies, fresh salads, cherry tomatoes, basil, dania and is in full bloom with your cook picking these lovely herbs and vegetables from the urban farm to cook in the meals for the restaurant. On top of this you can then offer your customer a fish which is so fresh it is still swimming !!! can you even think of a better advertisment for fresh organic food."





Our Youtube clip below shows a 3D virtual image of the unit in opertation.











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So What is it?

Aquaponics is the combination of the two systems in a symbiotic relationship. The system starts with the fish waste from the aquaculture system, this is then fed to a hydroponic system where the by-products are broken down by nitrogen fixing bacteria into nitrates and nitrites which is ideal food for a hydroponic system of plant growing.  Once the water has been cleaned by the bacteria and the nitrates and nitrites have been removed then the water is circulated back to the fish as fresh clean water. The benefits of this system are multiple as it is an almost closed system, the water can continue its cycle indefinitely with very little water having to be added due to evaporation etc.  The waste from the fish is immediately recycled and then fed to the plants so there is no requirement for plant food a major cost reduction from standard hydroponics.  The only requirements for food are for the fish which need standard fish meal on a daily basis.  This can even be supplemented by creating simple fly trap or bug zapper above the tank so allowing the fish to eat the flying insects during the night.  The water pumps needed to move the water from the aquaculture to the hydroponics can easily be necessitated via renewable energy either wind, solar or manpowered.

There are secondary benefits to having the unit on site is the actual space below the unit. When the Kenya Boats Aquaponics module is sited on useless spoiled or barren land it can actually create useful soil over a period of two to three years.  The area below the unit is designed to offer a suitable environment for rabbits, chickens or other small farmable animals or Mushrooms as the dark, humid area is ideal for mushroom growth.  Using these animals combined with worms and the waste plant material from the harvests of the greens from the Kenya Boats Aquaponics unit, can then create a compost affect in the foot print of the unit.  If the units are used in an arid or spoiled areas every two years or so the unit can be moved leaving behind in its footprint prime growing soil for normal vegetable or gardens.

Smaller Units for Flats or Small Gardens

These Units can be used in the gardens of houses or in restaurants, we also have a smaller version, with or without fish for flats or smaller areas where the larger units will not fit. These units can go on balconies, in small back garden areas or roof tops here you can still grow your vegetables in our vertical Aqauponic units these units are designed as a space saving item that can fit almost anywhere there is light, they work silently and grow your lovely vegetables in the same way as the larger units.

The described Aquaponics design and concept is developed by Kenya Boats LTD.

The Kenya Boats Aquaponics Module is designed to work from a single unit up to any scale (1000 modules and more) for commercial farming. Each module will make use of its own ground space by a factor of 2,5qm. This means that on each sqm occupied ground, a growing capacity of at least 2,5qm will be achieved.

This unit can grow any species of fresh water fish, green,root vegetables, creepers such as grapes and passion (increasing ground space further) and mushrooms in preset chambers.

According to our tests and research each module can provide food security with all required minerals, vitamins,

carbohydrates and protein for a family of four.




The outstanding advantages of the Kenya Boat Aquaponics module making it one of the most promising industrial developments in Kenya today:


The possible uses of our Kenya Boats Aquaponics module are endless.

As a design company based in East Africa we want to concentrate on the possible impact for developing countries, related work and food security.








The Future Development of Aquaponics to Ensure Kenya Flourishes

Many lakes and coast lines in developing countries are over fished and food security for local communities is no longer provided. The Kenya Boats Aquaponics module can be introduced to the traditional fisherman and the coast communities with minimum effort and training, this will create new income, food security and produced fish from the Aquaponics can be released in the natural waters for an extended period of time without any fishing activity needed. The natural stock can recover and a sustainable unit of aquaculture and traditional farming and fishing can be re-established in a sustainable way.

Aquaponics and Hydroponic is the new and most promising way to ensure food security. But up to now only the rich and big cooperatives can benefit from this technology and the energy efficiency is not sustainable. Other private initiatives are often makeshift arrangement and no scientific collected research and improvement can be done. With our experience and the long term development of our design team the Kent Boats Aquaponic module provides a solution to these problems.

Over all the unit has been researched and developed to a very high level the Kenya Boats Aquaponics module is now ready to be rolled out to either an industrial partner or through AID agencies to eliminate food insecurity in Sub Saharan East Africa.  All of the ground work is completed and the unit is primed and ready to go into production.  Kenya Boats requires stake holders to partner with them to enable this fantastic product to be releas

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